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   Rapid Hair Loss: What You Need to Know That Causes Rapid Hair Loss!
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Rapid Hair Loss: What You Need to Know That Causes Rapid Hair Loss!

What causes rapid hair loss?  Rapid hair loss is often associated with stress!

I recently heard a story about two men who were in a small boat about to tumble over the Niagara Falls. 

However the boat was lodged between several rocks preventing them from plummeting to their death!

The boat stayed suspended at the edge of the falls for 24 hours. 

Witnesses watched as one of the men's hair turned gray over night from total fright and stress!

What causes rapid hair loss!  It is often a lifestyle that is filled with stress.  Since we live in a fast-paced world,  most people are experiencing extreme levels of stress.

If you are experiencing round patches of hair loss it could be due to stress. 

Hair loss due to stress can stop hair growth within weeks.

Stress causes your adrenaline glands to overwork, which begins to systematically affect your blood supply and causes hair loss. 

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Vital organs demand more blood during stress, which is redirected away from other areas of our body, to include hair circulation. This is what causes rapid hair loss in women or men.

So slow down, and make a habit of giving your mind and body a time of rest.

If you experience sudden hair loss there are natural herbs you can take that are helpful and don't have the side effects of chemical medications.

You can see the natural home remedy for hair loss that will help you with most of the causes of hair loss.

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Mike Howell