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   Find out Reasons for Hair Falling out in Women and Men!
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Find out Reasons for Hair Falling out in Women and Men!

When hair loss strikes, our first question is, "what could be the reason for my hair falling out!"

Then the next question we ask is, "how do I stop hair from falling out?"

For me, when I first noticed my hair receding in the front, I didn't pay much attention to it. 

But then my hair began falling out fast! In the morning, my pillow would be littered with hair loss.  I let more than a year pass by before asking myself the reasons for hair falling out so fast!

Below are common reasons for hair falling out in women and men:

Diseases, health problems:

Aside from diseases, hairloss nutrition related to health problems are common. In today's modern world, highly processed food has very little hair nutritional vitamins.  This is a large percentage of why so many people are experiencing hair falling out.


Pharmaceuticals and drugs often have adverse effect on hairloss nutrition. Unlike natural foods and herbs, pharmaceuticals have many side effects that can affect hair health.

Chemicals in hair:

Especially in women's haircare, chemicals at the beauty salon and in the home  are major causes of hairloss. Using natural haircare products alone would stop hair from falling out significantly.

Male pattern baldness:

Male pattern baldness, much like women's hairloss, occurs in specific patterns.  Why?  It has to do with the way in which the pattern of hair grows for men and women.  That is why for men, we see a distinctive male pattern baldness. 

For women, it is usually in one area at a time.

The pattern of hair growth and the combination of oily or dirty hair are key to male pattern baldness.

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Radiation and medication causes hairloss but can be restored.

Women's hairloss:

One of the main reasons for hair falling out in women is hormonal imbalances. Other reasons why women's hair falls out includes; pregnancy, menopause and childbirth.

Hereditary hairloss:

Many experience hair falling out due to hereditary reasons.  However, most of what is being blamed on hereditary hairloss is the result of hairloss nutrition deficiencies. 

What is commonly called hereditary hairloss can be slowed down with good haircare.  My hairloss experience was the same as my grandfather and father, however, the natural home remedy for hairloss I used showed me the reason for my hair falling out, and even reversed it!

To learn more about the reasons for your hairloss and how to stop hair from falling out, click on the link below now   It helped me stop hair from falling out and produced natural Hair regrowth! The the longer you wait, the harder it is to restore hair loss!!

Mike Howell

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Reasons For Hair Falling out in Women and Men!